About Us

Everywhere you turn, people are complaining about the quality of their store meat. 


“It doesn’t taste like anything!”  

“I want a real steak!”

“I want something to sink my teeth into!”

“This steak is so undercooked it’s still eating the parsley!”


We know the feeling because good meat is hard to find.  And the taste, texture and subtleties were exactly what we had in mind when we developed Klemke's Sausage Haus.  We wanted to bring our customers the taste of excellent quality meat, that bubbling, juicy explosion of taste, and with all the convenience of beef jerky.  Admit it…you’re tasting it right now, aren’t you? 

Klemke's Sausage Haus is owned and operated by Rod and Judy Klemke, located in Slaton, Texas and they’ve been snapping into good jerky for years, even back before the 1980s and 1990s, when Randy “Macho Man” Savage was snapping into jerky on TV and screaming “Oooh yeah!”  

Rod grew up around packing houses and has eaten, smelled and prepared good quality meat all his life.  As a child, he still remembers helping his father harvest livestock, from beginning to end, making sure quality beef and sausage cuts were perfectly cooked, and seasoned to perfection.  He also learned how to make jerky with a special family recipe, which was so good and trailblazing for its time, it is now locked away inside a computerized vault, with armed guards, never to be opened again!  Okay, maybe it’s not that secretive, but who can deny that a good jerky beef recipe is worth protecting?  (Don’t ask us for it…it’s still missing.  Legend has it someone ate it with a side of pork jerky and barbecue sauce)

All these years later, Rod is still growing, preparing and processing that same high quality and variety of jerky and winning all sorts of awards for his techniques and the one-of-a-kind taste Texans have grown to love.  As the story goes, Rod and Judy, then based in Divine, Texas, decided to head on home to celebrate Christmas with family in 1986.  They happened to find the old packing plant still empty and thought it would be a good business purchase.  Well, maybe it was a Christmas miracle, or maybe Santa Claus was just hungry and put the idea into their head, but they decided to rebuild the factory and reopen the beef jerky business once again, taking the chance of a lifetime.   Makes sense…eat all the jerky you can and sell the rest. 

There was only one problem: the name.  Slaton Packing Company was the original name of the brand, and for some reason “packing company” just doesn’t scream good quality meat.  Actually, a lot of customers were calling the owners and asking for help moving furniture!  So you can just imagine Rod having to explain to people, “It’s not that sort of a packing company!”

It was understood that if the company was going to prosper, the name had to go.  Rod and Judy had to decide on a name that sung “great quality jerky”, and since sausage and beef were their bestsellers, they decided on a name that reflected the tasty qualities that customers were looking for in a meaty snack: Klemke’s Sausage Haus!  Yes, there’s a little bit of German flair in that because who doesn’t love Oktoberfest?  Tasty jerky and beer seem to go well together!  It was a risk…but it paid off!  Guten Appetit! 

Since the name change in 1994, the business has grown rapidly and has earned the respect of the Texas community, and well beyond, for innovative products and highest quality of taste and texture.  Rod and Judy are proud of the tradition they’ve kept alive and very proud of how good their jerky tastes.  It’s so good in fact, that our products at Klemke’s Sausage Haus has started a huge meat war all over Texas and upset the Jerky Mafia who can be, well, jerks, when it comes to competition.  To that we say, “Tough Jerky!  Bring it on!”

So if you’re one of those guys or girls who complain that ground meat, hamburgers, lunch meat and all these other snacks don’t taste like anything anymore, then by all means, give Klemke’s Sausage Haus a try.  Try some of our beef, pork, venison and bison jerky cuts or sticks and taste the difference.   

Hey, did you like our origin story?   Did you get a chance to taste the jerky?  Please, by all means, write us and let us know.  We appreciate feedback from our customers and are always listening to your suggestions as we plan the future of Klemke’s Sausage Haus!


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